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Project Management Windows

The Project Management windows help you to define these quantities associated with an element contained in the model:

  • Resources - the people who work on a project, who can be assigned roles and allocated tasks
  • Effort - effort expended in work on the element
  • Risks - risk associated with the element
  • Metrics - metrics measured for an element

A separate window displays for each of the four quantities.

Access Element | Project Management | <item type>

Toolbar Options

You can operate on individual items in any of the four Project Management windows, using the Project Management toolbar.



See also


Create a new item.

Effort Management Risk Management Resource Allocation Metrics


Save changes to an item.

Save As New

Duplicate an existing entry.

You must change an item's Role for this to become enabled.


Delete an item from the list.


Sort the items in the list into alphabetical order.


Print item data from the list.

Browse Element

Display the Element Browser window for the selected element, to list and select the project management items for the element.

The Element Browser

Show/Hide Properties

Swap between detailed and summary window styles.


Show help contents for this window.


  • Click on an element in the Project Browser to switch to the project management information for that element in the Project Management windows
  • The windows have two formats:
         -  List mode - provides a detailed list showing several columns of information
         -  Item mode - a summary list plus an editor to add or edit information for a single selected item
  • Toggle between these modes using the Show/Hide Properties button in the window toolbar
  • Columns in the item list can be reorganized, added, removed, grouped, filtered and sorted using the options provided in the List Header facilities
  • Right-click on the list to view the context menu, which you can use to add and delete items in the window

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