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Export MOF Model to XMI

When you have created a MOF model, you can export it to an XMI file in either MOF 1.3 or MOF 1.4 XMI file specification format, to use in other applications or to transfer into other projects.

Access Project Browser | Right-click MOF Root Package | Import/Export | Export Package to XMI file (Ctrl+Alt+E): Publish

Export MOF Model to XMI



See also

Root Package

Displays the name of the selected model root Package.


Type in or browse for (click on ) the file path and name of the target XML file.

XML Type

Scroll down to the end of the list and click on the format you want to use, either MOF 1.3 or MOF 1.4.

Format XML Output

(Optional) Select this checkbox to format the output into readable XML (this takes a few more seconds at the end of the run).

Write Log File

(Optional, but recommended) Select this checkbox to write a log of the export activity.

The log file is saved to the directory into which the XML file is exported.

Exclude EA Extensions

(Optional) Select the checkbox to exclude tool-specific information from the export.

Generate Diagram Images

Pre-set to selected, to generate the exported diagrams into a Package called Images in the directory into which the XML file is exported.

You specify the graphics format for these diagram images in the 'Format' field, below.


Click on the drop-down arrow and select the graphics format you want to use for the exported diagram images.


(Optional) Click on the drop-down arrow and select an XSL Stylesheet to post-process the XML content before saving the Package to file, using an XSLT to convert the output to HTML, XSL, code or other versions of XML.

The XSL style sheet should previously have been imported into the project through the Resources window.



Click on this button to initiate the export.


Monitor the progress of the export - the indicator on the right of this field is completely filled with green when the export is complete.

View XML

Click on this button to view the file you have created.


  • MOF models exported to XMI can be imported into an Enterprise Architect project using the standard import XMI features of the system

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