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UML Profile for Core Components

The UPCC framework provides core component and core data type libraries and is available to Enterprise Architect users through the Model Wizard. Whether you model according to the UMM specification, or want to leverage the advantages this standard brings, or have a compliance requirement, to model with this technology you will require - as a minimum - a Business datatype library and a Business Information Entity library. The Schema Composer can generate these libraries for you.

This image shows a BDT library created from a UPCC Core CDT Library

Common Libraries

Libraries shared by both versions of the UML Profile for Core Components.




The CCTS core component library.


The CCTS core datatype library. It contains basic datatypes such as Amount, Code, Text and Graphic.


A Business library containing ABIE entities based on CCLibrary components. The entities can be composed using  the Schema Composer. These can also be modeled using the UML modeling tools available for the technology.


A Package typically used for the modeling of Message Assemblies. You can generate the schema for a Message Assembly by loading it into the Schema Composer.-

UPCC Libraries

The UML Profile for Core Components is available in two versions, NDR 3.0 and NDR 2.1. Both profiles describe a common set of libraries, with some differences, as described here:

NDR 3.0




A Business library containing BDT types based on CDTLibrary types. The Schema Composer can be used to easily generate the content of a BDTLibrary from selected types in the core library.

NDR 2.1




An unqualified datatype library. Basically a mirror of the CDTLibrary for use in a business context. The Schema Composer can be used to easily generate the content of a UDTLibrary from selected types in the core library.


A qualified datatype library. The library contains restricted types based on the CDTLibrary with qualified type names. The Schema Composer can easily generate the content of a QDTLibrary from selected types in the core library.

UPCC Diagrams

The UML profile for Core Components uses UML Class diagrams for composition of components. There are however specific toolboxes provided by the technology for each of its libraries.

UPCC Toolbox Pages


In this notation, UPPCx represents the UPCC profile and x is the version of UPCC



UPCCx - CCLibrary Abstract Syntax

UPCCx - DOCLibrary Abstract Syntax

UPCCx - CDTLibrary Abstract Syntax

UPCCx - BIELibrary Abstract Syntax

NDR 3.0

Library Syntax


UPCC - BDTLibrary Abstract Syntax

NDR 2.1

Library Syntax


UPCC - UDTLibrary Abstract Syntax

UPCC - QDTLibrary Abstract Syntax