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SysML Parametric Models

SysML Parametric models support the engineering analysis of critical system parameters, including the evaluation of key metrics such as performance, reliability and other physical characteristics. These models unite requirements models with system design models by capturing executable constraints based on complex mathematical relationships. Parametric diagrams are specialized Internal Block diagrams that help you, the modeler, to combine behavior and structure models with engineering analysis models such as performance, reliability, and mass property models. Enterprise Architect helps you to develop and simulate SysML Parametric models quickly and simply.

This text is derived from the SysML entry in the online Wikipedia.

The advantages of SysML over UML for systems engineering become obvious if you consider a concrete example, such as modeling an automotive system. With SysML you can use Parametric diagrams to precisely define performance and mechanical constraints such as maximum acceleration, curb weight, air conditioning capacity, and interior cabin noise management.

For further information on the concepts of SysML Parametric models, refer to the official OMG SysML website and its linked sources.

Create a Parametric model



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Create a collection of SysML Constraint Blocks that formally describe the function of a constraint in a simulation model.

Each Constraint Block contains properties that describe its input and output parameters, as well as Element Script that describes the constraint's executable component.


Right-click on each of the constraintBlocks and select the 'SysML | Add Element Script' option to add script to the constraint block.

This is where you express the relationship / behavior of the constraint block as an executable script.


Create a SysML Constraint Block to contain the Parametric model to simulate; the Parametric model contains properties and occurrences of constraint blocks as Constraint Property elements, connected in a Parametric Diagram.


Right-click within a Parametric Diagram and select the 'SysML | Simulate Diagram ...' option.


Depending on your configuration selections, the simulation's results are either written to a comma-separated CSV file or graphed in a 2-dimensional plot.


  • Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Parametric Model Simulation is available in the Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect

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