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Lock Packages Under User/Group Locking

If, in User/Group locking mode, you want to lock or unlock the contents of a Package, you can do so in a single operation. You can set the lock on the entire contents (including child Packages), just on the top-level Package content, or just on the elements or diagrams in the Package.

Access Project Browser | Right-click on Package | Package Control | Lock Package

Lock or Unlock a Package



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In the 'Lock Type' panel, select the appropriate radio button for the lock to apply:

  • No lock - do not set a lock on this Package; clear any existing lock that you have set, or clear any Full lock that other users have set
  • Full lock - lock this Package so that no-one can edit it without specifically clearing the lock
  • User lock - lock this Package so that only you can make further edits; other users cannot unlock or edit the Package
  • Group lock - lock this Package so that any member of the specified group can edit the object; other users cannot unlock or edit the Package


If you have selected the 'Group lock' option, in the 'GroupID' field click on the drop-down arrow and select the group containing users that can edit the object.

The 'GroupID' drop-down list only includes groups which you are a member of.

Assign User To Groups


The 'What to Process' checkboxes default to selected to also lock:

  • Elements and/or diagrams in the Package
  • The contents of child Packages (that is, the whole branch)

If you want to exclude any type of Package content from the change in lock status, deselect each appropriate checkbox.


Click on the OK button to apply the lock.


  • To check whether the project security is in User/Group locking mode, select 'Project | Security'; the 'Require User Lock to Edit' option should be deselected
  • You must have 'Lock Elements' permission to lock a Package
  • If the Package is already locked, only the corresponding lock option and the 'No lock' option are highlighted; you have to release the lock in order to set a different type of lock
  • If you select the 'Full Lock, no-one may edit' option, a red exclamation mark displays against the Package in the Project Browser
  • If you select the 'User Lock, locking user may still edit' or 'Group lock, locking group may still edit' options, a blue exclamation mark displays against the Package in the Project Browser; other users see a red exclamation mark

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