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Diagram Appearance Menu

Diagrams have a default appearance determined by the diagram type and the global options defined in the 'Options' dialog. You can modify this default appearance for either individual diagrams or (for certain options) all diagrams you use, with the 'Diagram Appearance' menu options.

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Diagram Appearance Options



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Show Status Colors  (All Diagrams)

Select this option to display the status colors for elements on all diagrams that you open, where those colors have been assigned to the elements.

Deselect the option to display the elements with the default element fill and shadow colors. You can, however, select an option in report generation to still show the status colors in diagrams in the report.

This option is also available through the 'Objects' page of the 'Options' dialog and, if re-set, will change there as well.

Document Options Object Display Options

Configure Status Colors

Select this option to redefine the colors used to indicate the status of elements in your diagram (and the status values themselves).

The status colors are displayed on the diagram when 'Show Status Colors' is turned on.

Status Types

Hand Drawn

Select this option to redisplay the diagram in Hand Drawn mode.

White Board

Select this option to redisplay the diagram in Whiteboard mode.


Select this option to redisplay the diagram in standard mode, according to the themes and settings of the 'Options' dialog. That is, this option turns off 'Hand Drawn' and 'White Board' modes.

Hide Page Borders (All Diagrams)

Select this option to hide the vertical and horizontal page borders marked on all diagrams that you display.

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