Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Customize Options

It is possible to customize the entire set of Toolbars to display with large icons, and/or show a Screen Tip as you mouse over each toolbar icon. The options take instant effect, so you can see what impact they have before closing the dialog.

Access Tools | Customize > Options

Customize Toolbar Display



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Show Screen Tips on Toolbars

Select this checkbox to display a Screen Tip as you mouse over each toolbar icon, if a Screen Tip is defined for the icon.

The screen tip is predefined in Enterprise Architect and cannot be edited.

Show shortcut keys in Screen Tips

If you have selected to show Screen Tips, select this checkbox to include any shortcut key combinations in the Screen Tip text.

The shortcut keys are editable, and you can add, change or remove the keys assigned to any of the commands represented by an icon. The current shortcut key combination is added to the Screen Tip text.

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

Large Icons

Select this checkbox to enlarge all the Toolbox icons. This takes immediate effect, so that you can see how the display changes.


Click on this button to save and commit the settings.