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Convey Information on a Flow

When you create an Information Flow connector between two elements, Enterprise Architect automatically prompts you to specify which Information Items or classifiers are conveyed on this flow. If you do not realize the Information Flow with its existing information items, you can change and/or add to the information items conveyed.

Access Right-click on Information Flow connector | Advanced | Information Items Conveyed

Specify the Information Items conveyed on an Information Flow



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On the 'Information Items Conveyed' dialog, click on the Add button.

The 'Select Classifier' dialog displays.


Browse or search for the required Information Item or classifier element or elements and select them as required.

If you do not want to retain a selected item on the 'Select Classifier' dialog, press Ctrl and click on the item.

Select Dialog


Click on the OK button to return to the 'Information Items Conveyed' dialog.

Each information item you have selected is listed on a separate line in the dialog.


If you do not want to retain a selected item on this dialog, click on it and click on the Remove button.

Click on the OK button to close the dialog and to show the selected information item element names on the Information Flow connector label.

If appropriate, you can now realize the information items conveyed in this Information Flow.

Realize an Information Flow

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