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Create Document Artifact

You can create a Document Artifact element to host a linked document for another model element. You can either create an appropriate connector between the Document Artifact and the documented element (to indicate how the document impacts the element), or drag the Document Artifact over the model element on the diagram or in the Project Browser so that it becomes a child of the model element.

Create a linked document in a Document Artifact



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Open the diagram containing the element for which to create the linked document.


Open the Common page of the Diagram Toolbox.

Drag and drop the Document Artifact element icon from the Toolbox into your diagram.

Document Artifact Diagram Toolbox Common Page


Double-click on the Document Artifact element.

A default blank-page document opens in the Linked Document Editor, based on the Normal.rtf style template.

The Normal.rtf Style Template


Apply a template and/or continue to develop the linked document as described in Create Linked Document On UML Element, from step 2 onwards.

Create Linked Document on an Element


  • There is a limit of one linked document per Document Artifact element, but you can provide more than one linked document for a model element by linking it to more than one Document Artifact
  • This operation is available in all editions of Enterprise Architect; it is the sole method of creating a linked document in the Desktop edition
  • When you have saved the document, an A symbol displays in the bottom right corner of the element

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