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The BPSim Time Perspective

The 'Time' (or 'Temporal') Perspective helps you to examine how the duration of one or more phases in the processing of an Activity influences the business process. In this Perspective you only set parameters on Activity elements, but you can monitor (through the 'Result Request' column) the occurrence, minimum, maximum, mean and sum duration of a parameter for the Business Process as a whole or for the Activities involving a defined Resource.

Access On diagram or Project Browser | Right-click BPSim Artifact element | Configure BPSim | Set 'Perspective' to 'Temporal' > Time

The Time Tab

On this tab, for a selected Activity element, you define the duration of a number of stages through which the Activity might pass. For each stage you:

  • Click on the drop-down arrow in the 'Type' field and select the type as a parameter
  • Click on the button in the 'Value' field and define the duration (either as a fixed value or as a derived value) and unit of measurement, and
  • If appropriate, click on the drop-down arrow in the 'Calendar' field and select a calendar period to which this duration applies



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Processing Time

The time spent actually performing the Activity. This can be strictly defined, or more broadly set to represent the duration of the Activity (the duration being the time it takes to complete the Activity; in strict use, the sum of the 'Setup Time', 'Processing Time', 'Validation Time' and 'Rework Time').

For this and the other six parameters, you use the 'Parameter Value' dialog to define a constant or derived value in the appropriate unit of time; a derived value must resolve to a NumericParameter, a FloatingParameter or a DurationParameter.

Using the Parameter Value Dialog

Queue Time

The delay between the Activity being offered and the Activity being processed; a refinement of the lag time.

Rework Time

The time spent redoing or correcting the work of the Activity; a refinement of the duration.

Setup Time

The time expended between the element being offered and the element being allocated to perform the actual work; a refinement of the duration.

Transfer Time

The time spent traveling from the previous processing step; a refinement of the lag time.

Validation Time

The time taken to review or inspect the work done; a refinement of the duration.

Wait Time

The time between the element being allocated and its action actually starting. This can be strictly defined, or more broadly used to represent the lag time of the Activity (the lag time being the time between the action of one Activity stopping and the action of the next Activity starting; in strict use the sum of the 'Transfer Time', 'Queue Time' and 'Wait Time').


  • In the BPSim configuration you can set values for seven different time parameters; however, the BPSim Simulation engine, during a simulation, amalgamates the values of these parameters into one ProcessingTime parameter
    You can vary the initial values and value generation methods of the individual parameters to observe the effect each has on the eventual processing time, or to define a simulation to be exported into a different tool for analysis and/or execution
  • An example of the behavior of the Time parameters during simulation is provided in the EAExample model

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