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Compare BPSim Configurations

When you develop a BPSim configuration, you can define a wide range of parameters to set prior to running simulations and observing the effects of those settings, and of changes in selected settings. To facilitate using and managing multiple 'what-if' scenarios, it is recommended that you create copies of the original configuration (as Artifact elements) and make the setting changes in the copies.

A useful facility in creating variations of a configuration is to apply inheritance, whereby the data and parameters you do NOT intend to vary are held in one configuration, and only those parameters that you change are held in another. The 'variable' configuration uses (inherits) the common data held in the base configuration, so you do not have to re-create that common data in the 'variable' configuration.

You can then run simulations on the changed configurations and on the original 'baseline' and compare the simulation reports to see what differences occurred in the run-time variables, and then run and display the comparisons of the configurations to see what changes in parameter settings gave rise to those run-time differences.

By running simulations under the original and copy configurations, comparing the results and the changes that caused the results, and modifying the model accordingly, you can achieve a very high degree of control in streamlining the business process you are developing.

Access On diagram or Project Browser | Right-click BPSim Artifact element | Show BPSim Configuration Results

The BPMN Simulation Configuration Report View

This view initially displays a hierarchy of the parameters in the selected configuration that have values and, in the column under the configuration name, the values set for those parameters. You can expand or collapse individual tab and parameter items using the +/- expansion/contraction boxes, or the hierarchy as a whole by right-clicking on the view and selecting the 'Collapse All' or 'Expand All' options. To review the results more easily, you can also drag the tab off the workspace to become a floating display, and expand the display to full screen size.

To compare two (or more) configurations, click on another configuration Artifact element in the Project Browser or diagram and either:

  • Drag it onto the report view or
  • Select the 'Show BPSim Configuration Results' option

The parameter hierarchy now contains any additional parameters in that configuration, and its parameter values display in a column to the left of the original configuration values.

You can review and manipulate the information on the report using options available from a right-click context menu.

BPMN Simulation Configuration Report Options



Collapse All

Select this option to collapse the parameter hierarchy down to just the parent tab names.

Expand All

Select this option to expand the parameter hierarchy to the lowest value type.

Show Only Different items

(When you have two or more configurations shown.) Select this option to restrict the display to those parameters where the values differ between the configurations. Click on the option again to deselect it.

Highlight Different Items

(When you have two or more configurations shown and where their parameter values are different.) Displays the differing parameter values in red. This option is disabled if you select the 'Show Only Different Items' option.

Show Only Non Empty Items

Select this option to filter the display to show only parameters that have a specific value other than 0.

Remove Scenario

(When you have selected an item within a configuration.) Select this option to remove the whole configuration from the report.

Edit Parameter

(When you have selected an item within a configuration.) Select this option to display the appropriate tab in the Configure BPSim screen, with the parameter and value highlighted, and edit the value. When you have edited the value and clicked off it, the Save button is enabled; click on this button to return to the Report View. The hierarchy is collapsed, but when you expand it again the selected parameter value shows the change you made.

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