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FEAF Performance Reference Model Toolbox Page

The FEAF Performance Reference Model (PRM) Toolbox page is designed to conform to the specification of  the FEAF-PRM framework. The PRM is a framework for performance measurement providing common output measurements throughout the enterprise. It enables agencies to better manage the business at a strategic level, by providing a means for using an agency’s Enterprise Architect to measure the success of IT investments and their impact on strategic outcomes.

The FEAF Performance Reference Model (PRM) facilitates resource-allocation decisions based on comparative determinations of which programs and organizations are more efficient and effective.

FEAF Performance Reference Model Toolbox




A Package to capture the Performance Reference Model.

Tagged Values – Version

Measurement Area

The high-level organizing layer of the PRM, capturing aspects of performance at the output levels. This layer is directly linked to the performance objectives established at the agency and program levels.

Tagged Values – MeasurementAreaID, Definition

Measurement Category

Categorizes the measurement area with respect to the attribute or characteristic to be measured.

Tagged Values – MeasurementCategoryID, Definition, Referencing Measurement Area

Measurement Grouping

Further refines Measurement Categories into specific types of Measurement Indicators.

Tagged Values – MeasurementGroupingID, Definition, Referencing Measurement Category

Measurement Indicator

Captures the specific measures.

Tagged Values – MeasurementIndicatorID, Definition, Referencing Measurement Grouping