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FEAF Technical Reference Model Toolbox Page

The FEAF Technology Reference Model (TRM) is a component-driven, technical framework categorizing the standards and technologies to support and enable the delivery of Service Components and capabilities.

FEAF Technical Reference Model Toolbox




A Package to capture the Technology Reference Model.

Tagged Value – Version

Service Area

Represents a technical tier supporting the secure construction, exchange, and delivery of a Service Component.

Tagged Values – ServiceAreaID, Definition

Service Category

Classifies a lower level of technology and standard with respect to the business or technology function it serves.

Tagged Values – ServiceCategoryID, Definition, Referencing Service Area

Service Standard

Defines a standard and technology that supports a Service Category.

Tagged Values – ServiceStandardID, Definition, Referencing Service Category

Standard Specification

Provides the specification details of the standard.

Tagged Value – StandardSpecificationID

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