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Toolbar Submenu

In your work on your models, you might use various functions either individually or in combination. These functions are conveniently grouped by task type, on Toolbars that you can display if you want to use them, or hide if you don't.  

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Default Tools

Show or hide the Default Tools toolbar, which provides instant access to the most commonly used tools including creating and opening projects, editing and saving diagrams, printing and technology selection.

Default Tools Toolbar


Show or hide the Project toolbar, which provides access to tools for creating Packages, diagrams and elements, searching the Project Browser and model, managing issues and the Project Glossary, and generating model documentation.

Project Toolbar


Show or hide the Diagram toolbar, which provides access to tools to improve the lay-out of elements and connectors on diagrams, including zooming in and out of the display.

Diagram Toolbar

New Element

Show or hide the UML Elements toolbar, through which you can add new elements to a diagram, including Notes, Text and Hyperlink elements

UML Elements Toolbar


Show or hide the Current Element toolbar, through which you can view and edit the properties, operations, attributes and Tagged Values of existing elements. You can also select an element in a diagram and locate it in the Project Browser, and lock elements against editing.

Current Element Toolbar


Show or hide the Current Connector toolbar, through which you can modify the properties and style of a connector, show and hide labels and connectors, attach notes, reverse the direction of connectors, and pin each end of a connector.

Current Connector Toolbar

Code Engineering

Show or hide the Code Generation toolbar, which provides access to tools to import, generate, synchronize and open source code, and to set the default language and default database type.

Code Generation Toolbar

Workspace Layouts

Show or hide the Workspace Layouts toolbar, through which you can create, manage and apply workspace layouts.

Workspace Layouts Toolbar

Status Bar

Show or hide the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen, which provides feedback on  current operations, the position of a selected element on a diagram and what keyboard controls are selected, and a zoom control for manipulating the scale of a diagram.

Status Bar