Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Project Menu

As your project is developed, you need to manage that development by, for example, adding to the project structure, importing and exporting data, generating documentation, implementing version control and applying security. The Project menu provides access to a range of facilities for performing these management tasks and others.

Access Project

Project Management Options



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Monitor work across the project in terms of the resources involved, the tasks being performed and the events scheduled, using the Project Calendar.

Project Calendar

Gantt View

Review the allocation of work to elements in the project, focussing on either the elements that require work or the resources required to perform the work, using the Project Gantt view.

Project Task Allocation The Gantt View

Personal Tasks

Record and manage the work tasks assigned to your identity as a defined Author on the project.

Personal Tasks

Model Mail

Exchange internal mail messages with project team members.

Model Mail


Display any discussions that have been recorded on any elements in the model over a selected period of up to 90 days.

Element Discussions

Team Review

Engage in discussion and review of the project within your development team community, through the portal of the Team Review window, a company-internal discussion forum.

Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+U

Team Review Tools


Display the glossary terms already defined in your model, in the Glossary view.

Shortcut: Alt+2

Project Glossary


Configure reference data, default settings and directory paths for the project, such as stereotypes, Tagged Values, cardinality values, data types, language macros, local directories and image library content, using the Settings submenu.

Settings Submenu

Data Management

Move, compare, manage and verify the integrity of the data in your models, using the Data Management submenu.

Data Management Submenu

Version Control

Switch on, configure and validate version control of your model Packages, using options on the 'Version Control' submenu.

Version Control Submenu

Spell Checking

Configure and run the spelling checker, to check the spelling of text in a single Package or across the whole model.

Spelling Tools

MDG Technology Import

Select this option to make an MDG Technology available to:

  • Yourself only, by importing the technology files into the %APPDATA% folder, or
  • Your project team members by importing the files into the model

(Not available in the Desktop edition)

Import MDG Technologies to Model


Switch on, set up and manage user access permissions in your project, using options on the 'Security' submenu.

Security Submenu


Switch on, configure and monitor change auditing, using the Audit View.

The Audit View


Review the tasks and issues that relate directly to the current project, and the statistics of the project, in the Project Status view.

The Project Status View