Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Manage Page Breaks

As you set up the document structure, you might want to insert a page or column break to force a specific part of the document content to start on a new page or column.

Access Select options from the menu bar at the top of the Document Editor window, or right-click within either:

  • The 'Content' panel of the Document Template Designer or
  • The text area of the document

Force a page break

Select the 'Insert | Insert Break | Page Break' menu option, or press Ctrl+Enter.

The forced page break is indicated by a labeled solid line; if this is not visible, click on the icon in the Toolbar above the text panel.

Create a column break

Move the cursor to the appropriate point in the column text and select the 'Insert | Insert Break | Column Break' menu option. The break is indicated by a labeled 'dot and dash' line.

Normally in a multiple column section, the text flows from the end of one column to the top of the next column; a column break forces the text to the next column before the current column is completely filled.

Delete a break

A page break or column break is indicated by a labeled line. To delete the break, move the cursor onto this line and press the Delete key.

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