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Protect Document Contents

When you have created a document, or some important text within a document, you might want to protect it from being edited or deleted so that it is safe from accidental change. The Document Editor defaults to locking against protection, so you first turn off the lock and then protect either the whole document or a selected block of text. Once protection is set, neither you nor any other user can change the text without specifically removing the protection.

Access Select options from the menu bar at the top of the Document Editor window, or right-click within either:

-  The 'Content' panel of the Document Template Designer or

-  The text area of the document

Protect text



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Enable protection

De-select the 'Other | Protection Lock' context menu option.

A prompt displays for you to confirm the removal of the lock. Click on the Yes button.

You can now set protection on your text.

To reset the protection lock and block protection of further text, select the 'Other | Protection Lock' context menu option again. The text that you have already protected, however, remains protected and cannot be edited until you or another user specifically removes the protection. You cannot remove protection from this text until you turn off the protection lock again.

Protect text

Highlight the line, block or section of text to be protected, and select the 'Font | Protect' context menu option.

The selected text is displayed in a gray font, and cannot be edited.

If the menu option is unavailable, or the text is not faded, it means that you have not removed the protection lock (above).

To release the text for editing again, highlight it and reselect the 'Font | Protect' option. You can select and release a portion of the protected text; the remainder stays protected.

Protect a document

Within the document or template, select the 'Other | Protect Form' context menu option.

The entire document is protected.

An exception is protecting a template in the Document Template Designer. As you select checkboxes in the 'Sections' panel, section markers are still added to the 'Content' panel. You cannot, however, add fields or text between the markers.

To release the document for editing again, reselect the 'Other | Protect Form' context menu option.

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