Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Editor Tool Display Options

Within the Document Editor, to help you edit the document contents you can configure the page display and the formatting tools visible, using the 'View' context menu options.

Access Select View from the menu bar at the top of the Document Editor window, or right-click and select View within either:

-  The Content panel of the Document Template Designer or

-  The text area of the document

Editing tools and options

Menu Option


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Page Layout Mode

Toggles the text display between page layout and full window layout.

Horizontal Ruler

Displays or hides the ruler at the top of the page.

The ruler shows tab stops and paragraph indentation marks; you can also use it to create or delete tab stops.

Vertical Ruler

Displays or hides the ruler against the left edge of the page.

The ruler indicates the depth of the top and bottom margins of the page.

Tool Bar

Displays or hides the two toolbars above the ruler.

The tool bars provide convenient icons for simple text formatting, copying and pasting, page layout, print management and file save functions.

Status Ribbon

Displays or hides the status ribbon at the bottom of the editing panel.

The status ribbon displays the current page number, line number and column number; it also indicates the current insert/overtype mode (at the left end of the ribbon).

Paragraph Marker

Displays or hides the various space markers in the text, such as:

  • The paragraph marker at the end of each paragraph
  • The Tab indicators between tabbed blocks of text, and
  • The blank character marker between words

This option is useful when working with page-formatted text that is structured using both style definitions and key-strokes.

Hidden Text

Shows or hides 'hidden' text.

Text formatted with the 'Font | Hidden' option is shown with a dotted underline; when the 'Hidden Text' option is turned off, the hidden text is not visible and the normal text closes up to single character or line spacing.

Format Text

Field Names

Applicable to all document editing:

If you have inserted any data fields and values, the Field Names option also toggles between displaying field names in the text and displaying the field values.

Applicable to the Document Template Designer:

As you develop your custom document template, you right-click on sections to insert field markers and select the View | Insert Fields option. The Field Names option makes the Insert Fields option available.

Add Section Content

Hyperlink Cursor

Applicable to the Document Template Designer and Linked Document Template Editor:

Toggles the cursor icon when you 'mouse over' a hyperlink, between your default image (usually a line or arrow) and a 'pointing hand'.

Page Header/Footer

Displays or hides the text of page headers and footers.

To edit the header or footer text, select the 'Edit | Edit Page Header/Footer' menu option.

Insert Headers, Footers, Footnotes and Endnotes


Displays the 'Zoom Parameter' dialog, on which you select the appropriate percentage of normal size by which to shrink or enlarge the display of the document content.

The range of possible zoom percentages is from 10 to 200.