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Cleanup Script

Incremental builds are the practice of only building those assets that have changed in some way. There are times, however when there is cause to build everything again from scratch. This command is used for those occasions, to remove the binaries and intermediary files associated with a particular build / configuration. The project can then be rebuilt. When you execute the 'Rebuild' menu option on a script, the command(s) you specify in this field are executed, followed immediately by the Build command from the same Analyzer script. Some compilers have options do this for you. Visual studio for example has the "/clean" command line switch.

Access Analyzer | Manage Analyzer Scripts (Shift+F12)

The Clean command is available from the shortcut menu of any Analyzer Script.




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Enter the command to be executed when you select 'Clean' from the script context menu.

Example /Clean Debug MyProject.sln

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