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Run Script

This topic describes how to create a command for running your executable code.

Access Analyzer | Execution Analyzer (Shift+F12) : New (Toolbar icon) > Run

Analyzer | Execution Analyzer (Shift+F12) : locate and double-click on required script > Run




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This is the command that is executed when you select the 'Analyzer | Run' menu option; at its simplest, the script would contain the location and name of the file to be run.


These two examples show scripts configured to run a .Net and a Java application in Enterprise Architect.





The command listed in this field is executed as if from the command prompt; as a result, if the executable path or any arguments contain spaces, they must be enclosed by quotes.


  • Enterprise Architect provides the ability to start your application normally OR with debugging from the same script; the 'Analyzer' menu has separate options for starting a normal run and a debug run

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