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Profile Menu

Whilst you are modeling an application, you can profile its execution to test how it performs.

Access Analyzer | Profile

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Create execution profiles to report on runtime aspects such as:

  • What functions are most-frequently called in an application
  • Which tasks are taking longer than expected, and
  • Which tasks are taking the longest time to execute

This information is displayed on the Profiler window.


Start Profiling

Begin Profiling the application configured in the Analyzer Profiling scripts.

Profiler Operation

Resume Profiling

Resume a Profiling session when it has been stopped.

Stop Profiling

Stop a Profiling session.

Display Profiler Report

Display the output of a Profiling session as a report.

Load Profiler Report from File

Load a Profiler report into the Profiler window from an external file.

Generate, Save and Load Profile Reports

Save Profiler Report to File

Save the current Profiler report in the Profiler window to an external file.