Notes Toolbar

Although it is not an independent toolbar that you can pin to the screen top or sides, or float in your work area, the Notes toolbar appears in many places across Enterprise Architect in the Notes, Description and History fields.




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Where the Toolbar Appears

Throughout Enterprise Architect on various tabs and pages of, for example, the:

Element and Connector Properties dialogs
Operations and Attributes Properties dialogs
Diagram Properties dialog
Hyperlink Details dialog
Testing window descriptions
Notes window
Glossary Detail dialog
Assigned Resources dialog
Project Management window
Scenarios & Requirements window






The options of this toolbar operate on selected text and any new text continuing from the formatting.

The options (with some keyboard shortcuts) are, from left to right:

Make text bold ( Ctrl+B )
Make text italic ( Ctrl+I )
Underline text ( Ctrl+U )
Change the font color of the text
Insert list bullet points ( Ctrl+. )  (full stop)
Insert list numbering ( Ctrl+1 )
Make text superscript
Make text subscript
Insert a hyperlink - this displays the  Hyperlink Details dialog, on which you specify the type of hyperlink and type in or browse for the location of the target of the hyperlink; you can use full paths or local (path substitution) paths, and you can either select or type the link text or leave the text blank to use the link address as the text
Create a new linked document for the element, or edit an existing one
















Create Linked Document on UML Element



If the toolbar is displayed but grayed out, the text field is read-only and cannot be edited; other long text fields in Enterprise Architect might not have the toolbar, in which case the Notes facility is not available for those fields
For any Notes text that is displayed on a diagram, you must select the Render Formatted Notes checkbox on the Feature Visibility dialog in order to reproduce the formatting
You can create a Project Glossary term and definition from text in any field that has the Notes toolbar

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