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Corporate Solutions

Enterprise Architect Corporate Solutions

"Enterprise Architect has a proven track record in providing the corporate sector with a comprehensive and robust UML 2.5 modeling tool."
"With advanced features, scalability and excellent performance, Enterprise Architect meets the expectations of the most experienced user for software and systems development across the full lifecycle."

Enterprise Architect is designed to carry out software design and business modeling from small systems through to large, integrated systems solutions. This has seen Enterprise Architect successfully deployed in many industry sectors, including aerospace, financial, automotive, computer hardware, software, mining, fabrication, entertainment, media, and many, many more. In all cases, Enterprise Architect has proven its worth in providing the power, robustness, performance and scalability required, while keeping cost of ownership to an absolute minimum.

With a perspective that ranges from Business Management through Architects and Engineers to Software coders and Project Managers, Enterprise Architect aids in the understanding and full specification of all processes. Working effectively with extremely large models is made possible with Enterprise Architect, as is keeping track of user access to models, version control, end-to-end traceability, testing and maintenance.

We believe that Enterprise Architect is one of the most effective modeling tools on the market, with exceptional value when it comes to outfitting an entire project team. Enterprise Architect enhances quality by automating processes and delivers improved returns on project investment to managers, by reducing risk, increasing project success rates and saving valuable time.

Based on industry standard UML 2.5

Enterprise Architect rounds out its Corporate version with:

  • Integrated role based security
  • Support for many popular DBMS systems as the model repository
  • Support for Subversion, CVS and SCC compliant version control integration
  • Baseline capability to capture "point in time" snapshots of model contents
  • Comprehensive "compare and diff" capability to help track change
  • Support for distributed development using shared models
  • Scripting with JScript, VBScript and Javascript
  • Cloud Services
  • Load-on-demand (Lazy Load) for high performance team modeling

Add to the above, standard features like

  • Support for all 14 UML 2.5 diagrams from the OMG's UML 2.5 specification
  • Requirements Management
  • Powerful WYSIWYG document generator producing high quality RTF output
  • HTML report generation
  • Code generation and reverse engineering for many popular languages
  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Transformations
  • Industry standard XMI import/export facility
  • XML Schema (XSD) Schema generation
  • Data base modeling
  • UML Profile support for domain specific modeling
  • Patterns support
  • Comprehensive automation interface for scripting and plug-ins
  • Dependency graphs and traceability matrix support
  • Plug-ins to link Enterprise Architect with leading IDE's such as Eclipse and Visual Studio .Net
  • Free "Viewer" edition for distribution to clients and staff who require read only access to models
High Corporate Usage:

Over 80% of Fortune 100 Corporations using Enterprise Architect for mission critial systems.
Platform Reviewers Guide
Key to Success:

Enterprise Architect is the Key to your Corporate Business IT Strategy success.
Digital Strategy Article
Office® Integration:

Watch our Webinar recording ofthe latest Enterprise Architect integration with Microsoft Office.
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Extensive Support and Deployment Features:

  • Training from a wide range of capable and experienced 3rd party professionals
  • Competent and effective email support from Sparx Systems staff
  • Excellent documentation in both PDF and HTML Help format
  • Lightweight installer (~150 MB or less)
  • Floating license available
  • Standard Windows Installer based setup
  • Support for Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP
  • Linux support running under Cross-Over Office 14.0.0 or later

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