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Enterprise Architect: The Solution for IT Profesionals

"Based on the UML 2.5 standard, with advanced features like model to model transformations (MDA), data base modeling, code generation templates, links to Eclipse and Visual Studio .Net,  support for C#, C++, Java, VB, VB.Net, Delphi, Python, PHP, ActionScript and much more."
"Enterprise Architect is the ideal tool for the professional consultant or developer."

For consultants, software developers, business analysts and others involved in the design and communication of software and business systems, Enterprise Architect offers an excellent set of high-end features at an affordable price.

Combining powerful code and database engineering capabilities with a fully WYSIWYG report writer, industry standard UML 2.5, shared model support and low cost of ownership, Enterprise Architect gives the IT professional the productivity edge in a competitive market. If you need to reverse engineer legacy code, capture database models, specify requirements and manage model changes effectively, Enterprise Architect is the tool for you.

For consultants, Enterprise Architect's extensive automation interface, code generation templates, RTF templates, Patterns, UML Profiles and MDA style transformations are the kind of high-end features that let you define a domain specific "turn key" solution for your clients and for your target industry.

If you are a business analyst trying to model and understand complex business processes, a software developer, system architect, consultant, deployment manager, tester, requirements management expert, project manager or similar, Enterprise Architect has the features and performance that make your job that much easier.

At a fraction of the cost of some competing products, Enterprise Architect provides "out of the box" features that can quickly boost productivity and let you focus on the real issues and decisions.

Professional features include:

  • Support for all 14 UML 2.5 diagrams from the OMG's UML 2.5 specification
  • Powerful and easy to use WYSIWYG document generator producing high quality RTF output
  • HTML report generation
  • Code generation and reverse engineering for many popular languages
  • Code generation templates to allow customization of output
  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Transformations, including Transformation templates
  • Built in Transformations for DDL, Java, C#, EJB and XSD.
  • Version control using CVS or SCC compliant tools
  • Industry standard XMI import/export facility
  • Generate complex XML Schema from UML models
  • Data base modeling
  • UML Profile support for defining standard extensions
  • Patterns support
  • Comprehensive automation interface for scripting and plug-ins
  • Dependency graphs and matrix support
  • Plug-ins to link Enterprise Architect with leading IDE's such as Eclipse and Visual Studio .Net
  • Free "Viewer" edition for distribution to clients and others only interested in reading models
Link to IDE's

MDG Link for Visual Studio and Eclipse bring together Model and Code via a soft bridge.
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Webinar Recordings:

Software Engineering and Enterprise Architect: Code Engineering, Model Integration, Profiling and more.
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User Guide:

Learn Software Engineering with our detailed, step-by-step Enterprise Architect User Guide.
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Ease of deployment and product support:

  • Training from a wide range of capable and experienced 3rd party professionals
  • Competent and effective email support from Sparx Systems staff
  • Excellent documentation in both PDF and HTML Help format
  • Lightweight installer (~150 MB or less)
  • Floating license available
  • Standard Windows Installer based setup
  • Support for Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP
  • Linux support running under Cross-Over Office 14.0.0 or later

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