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The UML Tool for the Enterprise

“The UML is a powerful and effective means of describing and managing business and software development projects. A UML tool like Enterprise Architect is the best way to leverage the power and scope of UML 2.5 for all your UML Modeling requirements.

The UML is a powerful language, but it is just that, a language. To implement it effectively, you need a UML tool that is capable of producing, manipulating and storing the full set of UML 2.5 diagrams.

Enterprise Architect is a fully featured, UML 2.5 -based modeling tool from Sparx Systems. EA features a graphical environment in which to construct your diagrams, and produces crisp, easy to view images. It also has many advanced features that will enhance your use of UML, such as the ability to generate definable documentation in RTF and HTML formats, and to export code in a variety of languages, with additional languages available via the use of technology templates.

The professional and corporate editions build on this functionality by adding the ability to reverse engineer from code to models. You can take full advantage if these features and synchronize your model to code and vice-versa. New classes hand-coded will appear in EA upon reverse engineering, and new models will be generated into the code without losing or overwriting any previously handwritten code.

The UML is a process-independent notation system - that is, there is no dependency on a particular development process, like Agile Programming or the Unified Process, both of which may be used effectively with the UML. Enterprise Architect likewise remains neutral, while allowing you to implement the process that best suits your project.

If you need to:

  • Use all the great new features of UML 2.5 to create detailed models
  • Easily create and manage new projects, from desktop systems to Enterprise wide solutions
  • Manage very large projects in a distributed environment
  • Manage requirements, tests, traceability and change in the same integrated environment
  • Generate code in C#, Java, C++, Delphi, VB.Net, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, ActionScript or Corba
  • Use MDA to manage complexity and target multiple platforms from a single abstract model
  • Import legacy code, frameworks and database schema
  • Take control of your software development and visualize your evolving system
  • Create great looking reports in either RTF or HTML format
  • Work in an intuitive and high-performance environment
  • Share your models in a team environment for maximum effectiveness
  • Export models in industry standard XMI
  • Connect to a comprehensive API for scripting and plug-in development

Then, Enterprise Architect is the UML Modeling Tool for you!

The aim of the UML is to facilitate communication. Understandably, those working on large projects will need the ability to share designs, and for several team members to work on a design simultaneously and securely. The Enterprise Architect Professional and Corporate Editions add design sharing through replication and shared network files. To that, the Corporate Edition brings the ability to connect to Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server and MS Access back-ends as the shared repository. It also adds user security, user logins, user groups, and user level locking of elements.

CIM modeling with EA UML Tool
Activity Diagram with EA - UML Tool
Activity Diagram
HTML Doc with EA - UML Tool