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Requirements Management and Modeling Tool

“Requirements Management is an essential part of controlling complexity, risk, project scope and in un-ambiguously defining the goals and criteria for a successful software or business project. With UML and Enterprise Architect, you can model complex requirements and provide full traceability from each requirement right through to the final deliverables and system behavior. Take control of your requirements and project management with Enterprise Architect”

If you need to:

  • Capture requirements in detail
  • Manage changing requirements
  • Baseline and version control requirements
  • Link requirements to use cases, components, software artifacts, test cases and more
  • View complex traceability graphs for each requirement
  • Produce detailed documentation to your company’s standard
  • Involve the whole team in defining and/or working to captured requirements

Then download Enterprise Architect and start your Requirements Modeling now!  

Gather Requirements Modeling with Enterprise Architect
Gather Requirements
Use the Relationship Matrix within Enterprise Architect to manage Traceability.  Create, modify and delete relationships between elements with a single mouse click.
Communicate requirements with key stakeholders using fully customizable templates


Requirements Management is the process of establishing the base capabilities of a project. This is more than a statement of purpose for an application - it is the specific goals that the application must meet. As such, investigating and recording Requirements is an important step in any project.

Thorough Requirements Management is effective in improving workflow across the project lifecycle, from Software Design to Cost Estimation and even creating User Documentation.

A range of research techniques should be used to establish the requirements for a particular project. Talking to prospective users, conducting surveys and examining prior systems are all good methods. It is rare that additional requirements will not be discovered during a project lifecycle, and so ongoing research and documentation of requirements is essential to effective requirements management.

Enterprise Architect makes it easy to model complex requirements, with features like baselining, nesting, traceability, full reporting and graphical management. Requirements can be attached to model elements for an instant view of the impact that changing requirements has on the design, implementation, test or deployment models.

For more information regarding Managing Requirements in Enterprise Architect please see the Requirements Management in Enterprise Architect white paper.