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MDA Tool for Model Driven Architecture

“Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is a great way to manage complexity, achieve high levels of re-use and significantly reduce the development effort required on software development projects. With support for MDA built in, Enterprise Architect helps bridge the gap between the analysis and implementation”

MDA is the next step in harnessing UML and development environments to manage software development.

If you need to:

  • Manage a single platform independent model for your project
  • Generate multiple platform specific models from the PIM
  • Keep your PSM’s in synch with your PIM
  • Create PSM’s such as database models, EJB, Java, C#, XSD and more
  • Use MDA to reduce development time and effort
  • Easily adapt and add new MDA templates

Then Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems offers the right features at a great price.

Get started with UML and MDA now.

MDA Transform
MDA Transform
MDA Transform - C#
MDA Transform - C#
MDA Transform - EJB
MDA Transform - EJB
MDA Transform - PIM
MDA Transform - PIM

The Model Driven Architecture (MDA) developed by the OMG is a framework for software development using a system modeling language. The MDA aims to enhance portability by way of separating system architecture from platform architectures.

The primary components of MDA technologies are the Platform Independent Model (PIM), and the Platform Specific Model. Platform Independent Models describe the structure and function of a system, but not the specific implementation.

MDA has the capability to define templates that map transformations from Platform Independent Models to Platform Specific Models. This facilitates the development of a system in abstraction, and simplifies implementation of that system across a variety of platforms.

For instance, an MDA Transform from PIM to a DDL will create DDL table elements from a class, whereas the same class transformed to an EJB Entity Bean will result in a package containing the class and interface elements required by EJB. Enterprise Architect helps you manage such transformations and even write your own transformation rules for any language. It will also aid you in keeping as many Platform Specific Models as you need synchronized to a single Platform Independent Model. Enterprise Architect has built in support for MDA transforms to C#, DDL, EJB, Java and XSD.

For more details on MDA see Enterprise Architect with Model Driven Architecture (PDF)