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Define Computation Rules

Define a computation rule



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From the Project Browser, drag and drop the appropriate attribute from a Class in the Fact model into the Computation Rule Actions field.

Both the Computation Rule Actions field and the Expression field enable you to use intellisense to display a list of possible entries for the fields; press (Ctrl+Spacebar ) in the field to display the list of entries.




In the Expression field, type the expression to be evaluated.




In the Rule Bindings field, type the rule number from the Rule table of the rule being modeled, to link the table data to the rule.




If the rule depends on another rule being satisfied first, type the number of that rule in the Rule Dependency field.




Click on the Save icon in the Rule Composer toolbar to save the computation rule.

If the computation rule is also a Rule Conditions rule, add the condition variable in the Decision table and bind the appropriate rule in the Rule Bind section.