Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Dock Windows

A number of Enterprise Architect windows can be freely positioned on the screen, or docked against any edge of the application workspace. These windows are collectively called dockable windows.

Drag the window around the application workspace until you find a comfortable way of working. The examples below describe a few ways you can rearrange the windows to suit your work habits.

Floating Windows

To float a window anywhere on the screen, just drag the window by its title bar to the required position.

Dock a Window Against an Edge

The navigation compass enables you to dock windows against an edge of the application workspace. You drag the window over one of the points of the compass to dock it into a tabbed location. The window does not overlap any other window, so if you are docking several windows you could cover the workspace; however, you can avoid this by combining them in a single tabbed frame.



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Click on the item to move and start dragging it towards the required position; this activates the navigation compass.




Drag the window onto a compass point.

The screen display shades the area where the window is to be placed.




Release the mouse button over the compass point to confirm the position; this docks the window.



In the example below, when the mouse button is released the Model Views window is docked into the shaded area.


Dock Required Windows into One Frame

You can also dock all of the windows you are using into a single frame, by either:

Dragging the title bar of each window up to the title bar of the first docked window, or
Dragging each window over the 'tabbed frame' icon in the middle of the compass, when another window is already docked.



You can do this with all dockable windows.

To separate a window from a combined frame, click on the window tab at the bottom of the frame and drag it away.

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