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Introduction to Enterprise Architect


Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a full life-cycle UML based tool for:

Designing and constructing a wide range of software systems
Business analysis, business process modeling, managing requirements
Systems modeling, systems architecture modeling, component design, simulation
Generalized domain specific  modeling
Building domain specific modeling languages based on UML
Visualizing a wide range of systems, processes, data, activities and structures
Simulating behavioral processes, state machines and interactions
Collaborating and sharing information and models
Testing, quality control and end-to-end verification/traceability of complex systems
Managing developmental tasks, work and scheduling


For over a decade, Sparx Systems has actively and continually developed Enterprise Architect based on the current UML standards. Over those years it has proven itself in a wide range of projects from small single user models to extremely large team based enterprise repositories. With over a quarter of million licensed users in over 100 countries world wide, the power and effectiveness of Enterprise Architect has been convincingly demonstrated in many different areas.

Starting Out

Where to Start


A summary of what Enterprise Architect can do and what you can use it for.


What You Can Do

Key Benefits

Key Features


A quick review of the process of modeling with Enterprise Architect.

How to start Enterprise Architect and create a model project.


Getting Started

A Quickstart Tutorial

The initial tutorial has many links to more extensive descriptions of features, functions, tasks and procedures.


User Interface Guide

The Sparx Systems Formal Statements includes Copyright Notices, Acknowledgements and the End User License Agreement.


Formal Statements

A glossary of terms is included that you can refer to for definitions of various terms and concepts.



How to give feedback

We value any suggestions, feedback and comments you might have regarding this product, documentation or install process.

You can provide your feedback:

Using a fault (bug) report or feature request, or
By email

[email protected]

How to purchase Enterprise Architect and find pricing information.


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