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Define Element Characteristics

It is possible to show a number of element characteristics on a selected diagram. You can define which of these characteristics to show, by selecting the corresponding check boxes on the diagram Properties dialog (and, conversely, which to hide by clearing their check boxes). You can also override the model default coding language and set a different language for the elements in the context of this diagram.

Access     Diagram | Properties > Elements

Set Component Display Options



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Use Stereotype Icons

For elements that have whole shapes drawn by Enterprise Architect (such as Analysis stereotypes), draw the alternative shape (if defined).

For elements that have an icon displayed in the top right corner, (such as an Artifact element) if Show Element Stereotypes is selected, display the stereotype icon instead of the stereotype text.


Analysis stereotypes


Show Element Stereotypes

For elements that have whole shapes drawn by Enterprise Architect, if Use Stereotype Icons is deselected, display any stereotype on the element.

For elements that have an icon displayed in the top right corner, indicate that a stereotype is present (icon if Use Stereotype Icons is selected, text if not).



Show Table Owner

Display the Table Owner.


Set Table Owner

Show Element Property String


Show the advanced property string for all elements; for example, {leaf}.


Show Compartments

Show or hide the named compartments for all elements using rectangle notation on the diagram:

Tags (Tagged Values)
Testing (Testing Scripts)
Maintenance (Maintenance Scripts)
Package Contents

If you have added custom compartments to your model display, such as Flow Ports or Parts, Show Compartments checkboxes are also listed for each of them. These checkboxes default to selected to show the compartments on the diagram; deselect the checkboxes to hide the compartments.

If the checkboxes do not seem to operate for an element on a diagram, also check the  Feature Visibility settings for that element.








Show Test Scripts Compartment

Show Maintenance Script in Diagram



Add Custom Compartments to Element


Feature Visibility


Set the language that elements created on this diagram receive, overriding the model default language.

If you do not want to override the model default, select the value <none> from the drop-down list.