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The Quick Linker

If you want to create new elements and connectors quickly on a diagram, use the Quick Linker on your initial element to guide you in creating a related element and connector of the appropriate types, without having to weigh up the full range of options from the Diagram Toolbox. The Quick Linker consists of paired menus that list the commonest objects appropriate to the context of the selected element. You simply select the type of element you need from the first menu, which displays the second menu offering a choice of appropriate types of connector. When you select the connector, you create a new element connected to your initial element, complete with any subordinate objects such as Object Nodes and Action Pins.

If the connectors and elements suggested by the Quick Linker do not include the types you need, you can create them from the Diagram Toolbox pages. Also, a Technology Developer can edit the lists of elements and connectors, and create new combinations.

There are two methods of accessing the Quick Linker menus.

Access Method



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Click on Quick Linker Arrow

When you click on an element in a diagram, the Quick Linker arrow is displayed at the upper right corner of the element:


Click on this arrow and drag it in the direction in which you want to create the new connector and element. When you release the mouse button, the element menu displays. When you select an element type, the connector menu displays.




When you select the connector type, the element and connector are added to the diagram in the location in which you displayed the menus.



Press ( Ctrl+Shift+<arrow key>)

After selecting the element, press ( Ctrl+Shift ) and the keyboard arrow key for the direction in which you want to create the new connector and element (Up, Down, Left or Right).

The element and connector menus display as above. When you select the type of connector, the new element and connector are created off the edge of the element appropriate to the arrow key you pressed. For example, if you press the Left arrow key, the new element is created to the left of the original element.




When using the Ctrl+Shift+<arrow key> method on a Sequence diagram, you cannot use the Up or Down keys; the Left and Right arrow keys create a connector to a Lifeline element
When using the Ctrl+Shift+<arrow key> method on a Timing diagram, you cannot use the Left or Right keys

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