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Export to XMI

The Export Package to XMI dialog is used to export a package to various XMI (XML-based) formats. This dialog, by default, allows exporting to either XMI 1.1 or XMI 2.1. The exported XMI file contains all the information required for completely round-tripping the package within Enterprise Architect; that is, performing Enterprise Architect-to-Enterprise Architect transfers.

Access  Click on a package in Project Browser, then:

        Project | Model Import/Export | Export Package to XMI     ( Ctrl+Alt+E )
        Right-click | Import/Export | Export Package to XMI file

Use to

Move Enterprise Architect model elements between models, for distributed development, manual version control and other benefits




See also

Root Package

Indicate the name of the selected package.




Specify the file path where the XMI file is to be generated.



Export Type



XMI 1.1

Export the selected package to XMI 1.1.


XMI 2.1

Export the selected package to XMI 2.1.



Open the Publish Model Package dialog for exporting to other versions of XML.








Publish Model Package

View XMI

View the exported XMI file.




Initiate an XMI Export.




Close this dialog.




Display this Help topic.




List the progress of the XMI Export.




In the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have Export XMI permission to export to XMI
Alternate Images used in the package being exported are not included in the exported XMI file unless the Export Alternate Images option is selected in the XML Specifications section of the Options dialog
The Log file for the package being exported is not generated unless the Write Log option is selected in the XML Specifications section of the Options dialog
XMI 2.1 exported by Enterprise Architect 7.0 (or later) might not be correctly imported into earlier versions of Enterprise Architect

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