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Monitor Change Events

You can automatically monitor work events in your project, using the Model Views facility.




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Model Views

This facility enables you to:

Automatically refresh a search in a View at an interval that you define
Notify you if the results of the search change between two consecutive searches


You can therefore use Model Views to monitor various events in the development project, depending on how you set up the search in a View.


Model Views Operations


You could set up a search to detect:

Change items, or Issue items, so that Enterprise Architect would notify you as new items were created
Element Status, Type, Phase, Version, Priority and/or date of last update, so that Enterprise Architect would notify you as items were progressed to:
Fall in to the level of work represented by the search categories or
Move out of the categories into the next level of work
Tagged Values, so that - again - as items were changed to satisfy the criteria of a sequence of searches, the progression of items through a set of stages could be checked and managed




People responsible for different stages in a process could have their own Model View searches so that:

As a development, validation or authorization task falls due the responsible person is automatically notified, and
When the work is complete both the next person in line and the overseeing manager are notified




This facility is available in the Enterprise Architect Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions