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TFS Workspaces

In order to use TFS to provide version control of the packages in a model, you need to prepare a functional TFS workspace that can be accessed through an Enterprise Architect version control configuration within that model. You use the TFS workspace to map a local working folder on your PC to a Source Control Folder within a TFS project repository.

It is assumed that a Team Project that you can use to control your Enterprise Architect package files already exists. You create the TFS workspace through MS Visual Studio.

Map a local folder to a TFS Source Control Folder



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Connect to your TFS server.

From the main menu, choose View | Team Explorer.




From the main menu, choose View | Other Windows | Source Control Explorer.




From the main menu, choose Tools | Connect to Team  Foundation Server.

A prompt displays for you to log in to the Team Foundation server; another prompt then displays to choose an available Team Foundation server.




Choose an appropriate server and click on the OK button.

The selected Team Foundation Server is displayed in the Team Explorer pane.

The server's project hierarchy is displayed in the Source Control Explorer's Folders pane.




From the main menu, choose File | New | Team Project.

The New Team Project wizard opens.




Enter an appropriate name and description for the new Team Project.

Choose the option to create an empty source control folder.




Create a new Workspace.

In the Source Control Explorer, click on the drop-down arrow in the Workspace field, then choose Workspaces

The Manage Workspaces dialog is displayed.




Click on the Add... button.

The Add Workspace dialog is displayed.




Type in an appropriate name for the new workspace and, if required, type in a comment.




Click in the Source Control Folder column, then click on the Browse button to select a Source Control Folder.

Select the new folder that was created in step 6.




Click on the Browse button in the Local Folder column and create a new local folder.

This is the working copy folder into which Enterprise Architect exports the package files.




Click on the OK button.

The new workspace is created and saved.

The Add Workspace dialog closes.




Click on the OK button.

The Manage Workspaces dialog closes.




The local folder referenced in step 11 is the Working Copy Path that should be specified when defining an Enterprise Architect Version Control Configuration to use this TFS workspace

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