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Creating an RTF Template Fragment

A Template Fragment can return data from either an SQL Query, Model Scripts or Project Browser data.  The process of defining the Template Fragment's contents varies depending on which of these types of data you want your Template Fragment to return, although in all cases the process is very similar to creating a standard RTF Template.

Access    Project Browser package context menu | Documentation | Rich Text Format (RTF) Report (F8) > Templates

Create a new Template Fragment



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Click on the New button.

The New Document Template dialog displays.


RTF Templates


In the New Template field, type the name for the Template Fragment.




In the Copy Template field, click on the drop down arrow and select either:

None, to create an empty template to develop from scratch, or
The name of an existing template to act as a base



In the Template Group field either:

Select an existing group from the drop down list
Enter a name for a new template group, or
Leave this field blank, to not place the Fragment template in a group

The Template Group determines the organization of the Template Fragment in the Resources window.








Select the Mark Template as Fragment checkbox.




Click on the OK button.

The Document Template Designer displays in the Diagram View.


Design Custom RTF Templates


Define the contents of your Template Fragment; the actual steps you follow depend on the data type you want the Template Fragment to return:

Standard RTF Template model data - the Template Fragment operates in the same way as a standard RTF Template
Custom SQL - returns data from a custom SQL query
Custom Scripts - returns data from a Model Script


Design Custom RTF Templates

Custom SQL Fragments

Custom Script Fragments



Once you have created the Template Fragment, you incorporate it into a standard RTF Template (or into an existing Template Fragment, if you wish).

Adding Fragments to an RTF Template



As with standard RTF Templates, Template Fragments can also be created and opened via the Resources window
Template Fragments in the Resources window are indicated by a red T symbol
If you have an existing template that you want to use as a Template Fragment, open the template in the RTF editor and select the Template Fragment checkbox in the Document Options dialog
If you embed a Template Fragment within another Fragment, report generation from the parent template will be slower

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