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Generate Report to an Artifact Element

When working with rich text, virtual documents, it is also possible to directly generate a report as a linked document associated with a Document Artifact element. Because the generated report is stored directly in the model, rather than in the current user's file system, it is much easier to share the report in a team based modeling environment. The linked document also eliminates the separation of the modeled system and the generated rich text output, keeping everything integrated and readily accessible.

To generate a report to an Document Artifact's linked document, you start with either:

A Master Document element with Model Document elements, or
An independent Model Document element


These elements will contain templates, the Master Document will contain defined Model Documents and the Model Documents will identify packages or Model Searches. At this point you can quickly and easily create a Document Artifact element on which to generate the report.

Create a Document Artifact element



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On the Documentation diagram, click on the Master Document element or the independent Model Document element.




Drag and release the Quick Linker arrow to the right of the Master or Model Document element, and select the Common | Document menu option to create a connector and the Artifact element.

Optionally, you can name the element as well.


Create New Elements

Generate a report to a Document Artifact element



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Right-click on the Document Artifact and select the Create Document to Artifact context menu option.

The Generate Documentation dialog displays.




The text field values are automatically set.

Select any checkboxes required (such as View Document on Completion), and click on the Generate button.


Generate Documentation


When the report generation is complete, the report displays as a linked document of the Document Artifact element (if not, click on the View button on the Generate Documentation dialog).


Linked Documents


If you have a Master Document with Model Document elements, you can easily create a Document Artifact to test one of the Model Documents individually; in this case, you need to remove the Document Artifact before creating a report from the Master Document, otherwise the Artifact becomes part of the report instead of being a vehicle for the report

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