Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Change Linked Images to Embedded

One of the options available when generating RTF documentation is to embed images in the document, instead of incorporating links to the image files. You would embed images if you want the document to be portable (separated from the directory containing the image files), but use links to the image files if you want  to update the images without regenerating the document. You would be more likely to link to image files when developing the model and documentation, and more likely to embed images when the document was ready for review or use.

If you have generated the RTF document with linked images and imported the document into WordTM, and you want to distribute that document, you can convert the file links to embedded images without having to go back to Enterprise Architect to regenerate the document with embedded images.

Break image links in Word



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Open the required RTF document in Word.




Select the Edit | Links menu option.




Highlight all links in the Links list.




Select the Save Picture in Document checkbox.




Click on the Break Link button.




When prompted, click on the Yes button to break the links.

Word breaks the links and saves copies of the images inside the document.