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Generate WSDL

If you have developed a WSDL-stereotyped UML model, you can forward-engineer it into WSDL 1.1 files using the Generate WSDL feature. This feature acts either on a WSDLnamespace-stereotyped Package or a WSDL-stereotyped Component, and generates any or all of the WSDL Components owned by the target WSDLnamespace structure. You can also generate WSDL files through the Automation Interface.

Access     Tools | Web Services | Generate WSDL, or
Right-click WSDL stereotyped Component | Generate WSDL

Generate WSDL 1.1 files



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Click on the drop-down arrow and select the XML encoding scheme you need, or
Click on the Default button to apply the default encoding scheme (UTF-8).



Select Components To Generate

Highlight the required WSDL-stereotyped Components in the list for which the WSDL file is to be generated (use left mouse click, Ctrl+click, or Shift+click).

You can also select all entries in the list by clicking on the Select All button, or clear all entries in the list by clicking on the Select None button.

To provide a file path and name into which to generate the WSDL file for a component, double-click on the component name in the list. The Component File Name dialog displays.





Specifies the name of the WSDL stereotyped Component.



If multiple prefixes have been specified, select the required prefix for the WSDL namespace.


File Name

Specify the file path and name into which the WSDL file is to be generated.





Click on this button to generate the WSDL files for the selected WSDL stereotyped Components.




Click on this button to view the generated WSDL for a selected WSDL stereotyped Component.




Click on this button to close this dialog.




Click on this button to display this Help topic.




Lists the progress of the WSDL file generation.



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