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Languages Supported

The Source Code Editors can display code in all of the languages listed in the table below. For each language, the editor highlights - in colored text - the standard code syntax.



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Supported Languages

Ada (.ada, .ads, .adb)
ActionScript (.as)
BPEL Document (.bpel)
C++ (.h, .hh, .hpp, .c, .cpp, .cxx)
C# (.cs)
DDL Structured Query Language (.sql)
Delphi/Pascal (.pas)
Diff/Patch Files (.diff, .patch)
Document Type Definition (.dtd)
DOS Batch Files (.bat)
DOS Command Scripts (.cmd)
HTML (.html)
Interface Definition Language (.idl, .odl)
Java (.java)
Javascript (.javascript)
JScript (.js)
Modified Backus-Naur Form Grammar (.mbnf)
PHP (.php, .php4, .inc)
Python (.py)
Standard Generalized Markup Language (.sgml)
SystemC (.sc)
Visual Basic 6 (.bas)
VB.NET (.vb)
VBScript (.vbs)
Verilog (.v)
VHSIC Hardware Description Language (.vhdl)
Visual Studio Resource Configuration (.rc)
XML (eXtensible Markup Language) (.xml)



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Generate XSD

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