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Example Package Diagram

The following example demonstrates a basic Package diagram.






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Nesting connector between ConnSeq and Controller

The nesting connector between ConnSeq and Controller reflects what the package contents reveal.

Package contents can be listed by clicking on the diagram background to display the diagram's Properties dialog, selecting the Elements tab and selecting the Package Contents checkbox.


Properties dialog

«import» connector

The «import» connector indicates that the elements within the target Integer package, which in this example is the single Class Integer, are imported into the package Controller.

The Controller's namespace gains access to the Integer Class; the Integer namespace is not affected.



«merge» connector

The «merge» connector indicates that the package Controller's elements are imported into GenApply, including Controller's nested and imported contents.

If an element already exists within GenApply, such as Loader and Time, these elements' definitions are expanded by those included in the package Controller. All elements added or updated by the merge are noted by a generalization relationship back to that package.