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Using Information Flows

When you drag an Information Flow connector between two elements on a diagram, Enterprise Architect automatically prompts you to identify the Information items conveyed. You can also immediately go on to realize the Information Flows. However, you can also defer the identification of Information Items at either stage.

You can also create an Information Flow automatically whilst directly defining Information Flow realization, as you might do on a Message on a Sequence diagram.

Create and realize Information Flows



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Open a diagram and add two elements (for example, Nodes on a Deployment diagram).




Click on the Information Flow connector in the Common page of the Toolbox and drag the cursor between the two elements.

The Information Items Conveyed dialog displays.

(If you prefer, click on the Cancel button to create the connector without identifying any information items, to return to the process at a later time.)


Convey Information on a Flow


Add the classifier or Information Item element(s) to the Information Flow.

The diagram now resembles the following:




(If you prefer, click on the OK button to leave the information flow without realizing  the flow, to return to the process at a later time.)


Convey Information on a Flow


Add another connector between the same two elements (for example, a Communication Path connector).




Right-click the connector and select the Advanced | Information Flows Realized context menu option.

The Information Flows Realized dialog displays.




Tick the checkbox against each required information item in the realized flow and click on the OK button.

The combined connector now resembles the following:




Realize an Information Flow


Once the Information Flow is realized, you cannot access the Information Items Conveyed dialog directly; you add or delete information items on the connector using the Information Items Realized dialog
If you have more than one Information Flow connector between the elements, they form part of the same combined connector; you can again work on them separately through the Information Items Realized dialog
If you have information flows in a diagram that you use as the source for a Pattern, the Information Items Conveyed and Information Flows Realized data is not copied into the Pattern
You can locate, in the Project Browser, the classifier or information item element(s) conveyed on the Information Flow connector, using the Find Items Conveyed context menu option on the connector

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