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Script Debugging

Script debugging aids in the development and maintenance of model scripts, and monitoring their activity at the time of execution. While debugging a script, you can:

Control execution flow using the Debug, Step Over, Step Into, Step Out and Stop Script buttons on the Script Editor toolbar
Set Breakpoints, Recording Markers and Tracepoint Markers
Use the Debug window to view output generated by the script
Use the Locals window to inspect values of variables, including objects from the Automation Interface
Use the Record & Analyze window to record a Sequence diagram of the script execution

Access     Script Editor Toolbar: Debug button

Begin debugging a model script



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Open a model script in the Script Editor.

Scripts Tab

Script Editor



Set any Breakpoints on the appropriate line(s) of code.

Setting Code Breakpoints

Marker Types



Click on the start-Debug toolbar icon (Debug).




Script debugging is supported for VBScript, JScript and Javascript
VBScript and JScript require the Microsoft Process Debug Manager to be installed on the local machine; this is available through various Microsoft products including the free 'Microsoft Script Debugger'
Breakpoints are not saved for scripts and will not persist when the script is next opened
While debugging, script output is redirected to the Debug window

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