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Manage .EAP File Submenu

If you have created your project as a .eap file (and not in a DBMS repository) you occasionally might need to perform some data management tasks that are specific to that file format, such as repairing, compacting or replicating your .eap file.

Access     Tools | Data Management | Manage .EAP File

Manage .EAP Files



See also

Repair .EAP File

Repair a project that has not been closed properly and is now not opening correctly (this event  rarely happens).

Copy the project to a local drive before selecting this option. All users must be logged off the project while it is being repaired.


Repair a Project

Compact .EAP File

Compact the current project, if you need to conserve space.

All users must be logged off the project before you select this option.


Compact a Project

Make Design Master

Make a Design Master project as the base for creating and updating replicas of the project.


Design Masters

Create New Replica

Create a replica project from the Design Master project.


Design Masters


Synchronize Replicas

Copy changes from a replica of a project to the Design Master, or to another replica of the same project.


Synchronize Replicas

Remove Replication

Remove all replication features, should you no longer require a model to be replicable.


Remove Replication

Resolve Replication Conflicts

Resolve any conflicts caused when users have separately changed the same object in two replicas that have been synchronized.


Resolve Conflicts