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Comment on a Document

You use the Team Review as a forum for discussion of items and issues within the project, so when you read a Document on a particular point (or a response to that Document) you might want to respond with your own Comment.

Access    View | Team Review ( Ctrl+Alt+U )

Create a Comment in the Team Review



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Right-click on the required Document (or Comment) in the Team Review window and select the New Comment context menu option
Click on the Document name and on the New Comment icon in the Team Review toolbar, or
Click on the Document name and press Ctrl+N

A Re:<Documentname> entry displays underneath the Document you are replying to, and the cursor becomes active in the Team Review tab so that you can create and edit your response.


Work on Team Review Items


Type in, format and save the contents of the Comment.


Edit an Item




Open a file browser (such as Windows Explorer) and locate a file containing the material you want to use in your response.




Click on the file name and drag it into the Team Review window, over the Document to which you are replying.

A prompt displays for you to specify whether to:

Create a new Comment containing the text of the file; the file name displays as the Comment name; or
Add the file to the original Document as a Model Link






Add Object Links


Edit, format and save the contents of the reply.


Edit an Item

When you have created the Comment

You can


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Create links from the Comment

To elements and diagrams from the:

Project Browser
Model Search
Model Views window
Package Browser

Add Object Links

The Project Browser

Model Search

Model Views

Package Browser


To related Team Review:



Add Object Links

To external files, either in the text of the Comment or on the parent Category, Topic or Document in the Team Review window (the link is added to the Model Links folder for the Team Review item).


Add Object Links

Add resources to the Comment


It is simple and convenient to link to the resources that are the subject of discussion or that illustrate points in the discussion.

Team Review Resources

Receive replies to the Comment from other users


The objective of the Team Review is to discuss aspects of development, so you can expect to receive Comments on the Documents that you have posted, and to create Comments on the material posted by your colleagues.


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