Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Preparing a Subversion Environment Under Wine

Under Wine, you can install Subversion from either a Windows .exe file, or a .msi file.  By performing your Subversion installation and initial check out from a Wine console window opened from within Enterprise Architect, you have access to the same C: drive and folders that Enterprise Architect is accessing.

Set up Subversion for use with Enterprise Architect, running under Wine



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Start Enterprise Architect.

You do not have to load a project at this point.




Select Tools | Customize > Tools : customnew (New).

A new, blank entry is opened on the Tools tab of the Customize dialog.


Custom Tools


Define the new menu item entry, as follows:

In the newly-opened Menu contents field, type the name Wine Console
In the Command field, type wineconsole
In the Arguments field, type cmd
Leave the Initial directory field blank




Click on the Close button.

The Customize dialog closes.




Select Tools | Wine Console.

A Wine console window opens.




Type C: and press ( Enter ).

The Wine console switches to the C: drive.




Issue the command to install your Subversion client. For example:





To install from a .msi file, use Wine's msiexec utility. For example:


C:\>msiexec "Slik-Subversion-1.6.9-win32.msi"  /i



Installation of the Subversion command line client begins.




Create a folder to serve as the working copy folder to be used by Enterprise Architect. For example:


C:\>mkdir C:\VC_workspaces\SVN_workcopy





Issue the command to perform the initial checkout from the Subversion repository, specifying the repository folder, working copy folder, username and password. For example:


C:\>svn checkout "https://myServer:8443/svn/repos_folder"

   "C:\VC_workspaces\SVN_workcopy "
   "--username myUserName"
   "--password myPassword"



(After specifying your Subversion username and password, they are correctly cached by Subversion and are available for use by Enterprise Architect.)

If the HTTPS protocol is specified when performing the initial Subversion check out, you are prompted to accept a security certificate; in this instance, press ( P )  to permanently accept the certificate.

The nominated local folder is configured as a Subversion working copy folder. Any files already existing in the repository folder are downloaded to the working copy folder as working copy files.




Type Exit and press ( Enter ).

The Wine console window closes.

You are now ready to load a project in Enterprise Architect and apply version control to it, following the normal Windows-based procedures.


Version Control Setup

Use Version Control


You should copy the installer for your Windows Subversion client to a convenient location on the native file system, so that you can easily refer to it from within the Wine console window in step 7 above