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Customize Columns

The Specification Manager can display a wide range of properties for the elements in the selected Specification Package, each property being shown in a separate column. Using the Field Chooser dialog, you can customize the display of the columns so that you show as many or as few as you need, in an appropriate sequence. You can also use full or partial property values in the Filter bar as a means of filtering the display to show only those elements that have property values that match the filters.

Access     View | Specification Manager | Right-click column headings | Field Chooser
View | Specification Manager | Right-click column headings | Toggle Filter Bar

Using the Field Chooser

Drag the column headings that you want to include out of the Field Chooser and onto the header bar, in the position you want the column to occupy in the sequence of column headings. You can drag an existing heading from its current position in the bar to another position in the sequence, including making it the final column.

If you do not want to include a column that is already in the heading bar, drag it up or down out of the bar. It is automatically returned to the Field Chooser dialog.

Using the Filter bar

In the Filter bar, you define a text string that any displayed values in the corresponding column must include.

In the filter field for a column, type the character or string that must form part of the value shown in each row of that column. As you type the string, element rows in the Specification Manager that do not match the filter are hidden from display.

To clear the text in the filter field, click on the green cross at the right of the field.

You can display or hide the Filter bar using either the right-click context menu or the SpecmanAppearance icon, and selecting the Toggle Filter Bar option.

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