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Reviewing Elements

When you are managing or working as a member of a project team, it is useful to have mechanisms for reviewing the work you are doing and keeping some record of those reviews, whether they be casual discussions between peers or coordinated, structured and formal reviews. The Specification Manager provides a number of facilities that support the full range of review types, focussed on the elements that are defined in the Specification Package.

Review facilities



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Review Documents

It is possible to create any number of Review Documents on the elements of the Specification Package, both to formalize and guide specific review processes and to present the element information to be reviewed.

The documents are stored in and easily accessed from the Team Review feature.


Create Review Document

Bind Package to Team Review Folder

By default, Review Documents are stored in folders under a special category of the Team Review, called Formal Reviews. You can, however, generate those documents elsewhere in the Team Review, by binding the Specification Package to whichever Team Review folder (topic) is most appropriate to the Package.


Create Review Document

Team Review

The Team Review tools provide a number of other facilities that can be of use in discussing the development and features of an element, such as the Resources folder or the ability to develop a sequence of communications on a specific element, on a group of elements, or on some broader aspect of the model development.

The Specification Manager provides direct access to the Team Review, through this menu path:

View | Specification Manager: SpecmanReview | Team Review


Team Review Tools

Element Discussions

Using the Element Discussions facility, you can initiate or respond in a general, ad-hoc discussion amongst your team members, on a specific element. The facility maintains a record of each initial comment or question, and every response to that comment.

There is no limit on the number of different discussions, on the number of responses, or on the length of each item, although the facility is better suited to short queries and responses.

When there is a discussion on an element, the specmandiscicon icon displays in the Discussion and All Indicators columns on the Specification Manager. Simply double-click on the icon to display the discussion.

You can also access the Element Discussion window through this menu path:

View | Specification Manager: SpecmanReview | Element Discussions


Element Discussions

Model Mail

The Model Mail facility is a personal, project-internal email service. You can use it to send emails to specific individuals or groups on your project, concerning the Specification Manager contents or functions, or any other subject you need to discuss.

You can access Model Mail through this menu path:

View | Specification Manager: SpecmanReview | Model Mail


If you want to discuss a particular element, click on it in the Specification Manager and use the Model Mail Create | Insert Quick Link context menu option to create a hyperlink in the mail message to the element.


Model Mail