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Workspace Layout and Tools

This topic identifies the workspace layouts that you can select for debugging and Visual Execution Analysis, and the tools these layouts make available in the Model Driven Development Environment.

Workspace Layouts

You can choose from many predefined workspace layouts, depending on the tasks you perform. When you are familiar with the environment and controls available to you, you can also define your own workspace layouts.

You can select from the following debug/execution analysis layouts:

Dev - Debug
VEA - Profile
VEA - Record
VEA - Simulation
VEA - Test Points

You select the workspace layout from either the:

Workspace Toolbar or
Workspaces tab of the Workspaces and Commands dialog



Whether you open the appropriate windows through a workspace layout or select them individually through their menu options, the following tools and facilities are of particular relevance to coding, building and debugging:

Code engineering
Source Code Editors
Breakpoints and Markers
Execution Analyzer
Debug window
Locals window
Call Stack window

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