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Win32 UI Technology

Using the MDG Win32 UI Technology, you can design user interface screens that render as Win32® user interface elements, so that you can create and maintain User Interface diagrams in the Win32® User Interface format.

Access    The Win32 UI facilities are provided in the form of:

·A Win32 User Interface diagram type, accessed through the New Diagram dialog
·Win32 User Interface pages in the Toolbox
·Win32 User Interface element and relationship entries in the Toolbox Shortcut menu and Quick Linker

Win32 User Interface Toolbox Pages

You can access the Win32 User Interface Toolbox pages through the Diagram | Diagram Toolbox: More tools... User Interface - Win32 option.

You can also set Win32® User Interface Modeling as the active default technology to access the Toolbox pages directly.

Disable Win32 User Interface Technology

If you prefer not to use the Win32® UI Technology in Enterprise Architect, you can disable it (and subsequently re-enable it) using the MDG Technologies dialog (Extensions | MDG Technologies).


·The MDG Win32® User Interface Technology is available in the Enterprise Architect Professional, Corporate and Suite editions
·When you initially drag the Combo Box icon onto a diagram, of Type Drop Down or Drop Down List, the middle 'tracking handle' on each side of the element is white, indicating that you can only adjust the width of the element
To adjust the height of the element as well as the width, click on the drop-down arrow part of the image; the middle 'tracking handle' on the bottom edge is now white, indicating that you can drag the base down to set the virtual height (the height of the element when it is expanded to show all possible values in the drop-down list)

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